"There are three things beyond my control: the rapids on the Kamo river, the dice at gambling, and the monks of the mountain."– Emperor Go Shirakawa-in, 12th century

Hooded monks, spawned from the mountains of feudal Japan.  They were uniquely tuned to their environment.  Their beliefs brought them to do what needed to be done, to play their roles. Unwavering in loyalty to their creed, they literally fought for their faith.  In the midst of violent times, these groups relied on their own might to defend their property, lives, and beliefs.  Stubbornly dedicated to their faith, the Sohei embody patience and action.  The yin and yang and the right and wrong, their ideals blend the flavor of outward expression with pure inner beauty.  These ideals, like a brand, form an identity that echoes our voice through the past and present.

Greatness was never born out of comfort zones.  Greatness forms out of self-reliance and devotion to your cause, whatever it is. We should be able to live life freely. Its not about pot leaves and tie dye. It’s not about raging against the machine to get your point across.  This is for those who know their inner voice but lack the medium to set it free. This is for the loners, the stoners and the souls looking to go left when told to do what’s right. This is TsoHai.


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